What are you looking for?
Often “What to expect” pages answer questions about attire (suits or shorts?) or style (traditional or contemporary?), but this page is to give a short picture of why we do worship the way we do worship.

Over the centuries, the Christian church has chosen to worship in a variety of ways, but we have made some intentional choices to craft our worship service in light of our cultural moment.

In order understand how our worship reforms us from our current age, you would want to read this (soon-to-be-written) more in-depth paper or listen to this mp3. But at Hope Crozet we desire for worship to be:  

  1. Gospel-Centered (not moralistic and self-centered)
  2. Communal (not individualistic)
  3. Participatory (not entertainment-oriented)
  4. Intergenerational (not demographically-focused)
  5. Accessible (not technical or uppity)

We often say, “We want worship to be a banquet hall, not a concert hall.”

Oh... and to answer the question that might have really brought you here: Wear what you want. You won't get the stink-eye if you wear a suit/dress or if you wear shorts.