Humans were made to worship.

We were created to “glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” Our tendency, however, is to look elsewhere for our joy and happiness. Christ has come to return our hearts to God that we might love and serve - i.e. worship him - at all times. All of life is worship. Throughout the centuries, Christians have gathered to worship in order to turn us away from the trivial and artificial objects of worship, which have captivated our hearts, and return us to the person of true worship — the living God.

Some Info:

Time & Location

We meet at 10 AM on Sunday morning at Crozet Elementary School located at 1407 Crozet Avenue.

Child Care

We have children's church during the sermon for ages 4- 2nd grade.


We serve communion each week. We welcome all baptised Christians who are members of gospel-believing churches to join us at Christ's table.