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Recalibrate: Why are we here?
May 30 2013
May 30 2013


Sometimes instruments and tools have to be recalibrated.  They must be corrected and carefully checked for accuracy.  The human heart is the same way.  Today was a day when my heart needed to be recalibrated.

Today I have been struck with the calling of our church.  We are a church in Christ, for Crozet and western Albemarle.  This means that we are a church for our neighbors.  We want to love and serve our neighbors while we introduce them to the most wonderful man in the world - Jesus.

Today, as I spent time with God, I had to confess that it has been much easier getting really good at 'doing church' but it has not been as easy (and thus, less attractive) to reach out to my neighbors and community.  I needed to recalibrate.

I also fear that the church may soon become alot like me. We could get really good at pulling off a worship service while not engaging those outside our walls.  If this happens, what are we here for?  We don't need more church services; we want more people considering Jesus.

That being said, please don't misread me. I am so pleased and grateful for all of the helping hands.  It has been great to see people step up and serve in various aspects of our church body.  And a church service is integral to what we offer this community.  But we must never lose sight of that fact that, our calling is not to serve in a church service or role; our calling is to be faithfully present in our neighborhoods and communities.  And if our tasks and responsibilities within the church make our lives too busy to live with faithful presence around our friends who are far from Jesus, then we are too busy.

And I must add another disclaimer.  I am not claiming that I know how to do this 'reach out stuff" well.  Nor do I have clear ideas on how to do it.  (That is some of the reason why I fumble at doing it, because I would rather do the tasks that are more clearly defined.) But I encourage you, like me, to recommit to it today. Talk to God. Confess and repent if need be.  But let's recommit ourselves to why we are here.

We want to offer hope to those who are currently far from Jesus - to offer Jesus and his abundant life to those who will not come and worship with us on Sunday morning.

This morning, I was reminded that this is why we are here.  And I needed to be recalibrate to this calling... maybe you do too?


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