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February 22, 2012

Why did you choose to come to Crozet?

Crozet, VA - once thought of as a sleepy, rural town outside of Charlottesville - is soon to become a sizeable, influential community.  Albemarle County marked it as a growth area and it is still only 1/3 of the way to its final projected size.  It will still triple in size. There are already a number of good churches serving Crozet, but as Crozet grows it could continue to use a few more to serve its residents well.  We wanted to add our voice to the chorus of good things that others are already doing in order to better serve the entire Crozet community.

Plus, our Pastor and his wife have some history in Crozet.  They both served with Young Life at Western Albemarle.  His wife lived in Crozet for a year after college.  Also, he proposed to her in Crozet.

For these and other reasons, to many of us, Crozet just made sense.


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