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November 05 2012
November 05 2012


If we are all honest, we wonder if God is pleased with us. We wonder if his disposition toward us is favorable? Is he satisfied?

Our English word "satisfy" comes from two Latin words - satis ("enough") and facere ("to do").  This is why true Christians have often talked for a reason about a "satisfaction view" of Christ's work on the cross.  Jesus "did enough."

Christians rejoice and stand in a favorable, loving relationship with a holy, righteous, and perfect God - not because we have "done enough" - but because Jesus has "done enough" on our behalf.

He lived the perfect, obedient life that we never could have lived.  He did it all.  He died the death that we deserved, "doing enough" to satisfy the just anger of the Father. And, through faith, his work is credited to us.

In looking at us, God sees his children in Christ.  He sees them as having "done enough".  Wow!  That is good news worth ruminating on today.

And of course, the odd thing is this: this wonderful news does not then drive us to inaction, as if we think, "Since he has done enough, I will do nothing."  Instead, we find ourselves living out a grateful response of love.  This response is also a profound mystery.... but I will have to save comments on that for another day.


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